The Saint Paul Academy Daechi college counseling program is designed to provide students with individualized academic plans throughout their high school career and assist students with the application process during their senior year. Our academic counselor conducts regular meetings with students from grades 8-12 to discuss their progress and offer support for every facet of the college entrance preparation.

· Academic Counselor : Diana Kim

· Contact Information :

Year Check List
8th Grade Meet with School Counselor
1) Proactively and aggressively create a 5-year schedule for focusing on 1 specific extracurricular activity.
2) Identify leadership opportunities (waiting until your senior year is too late).
9th Grade Meet with School Counselor
1) Graduation Requirements 2) Strong College Prep. Courses 3) Learn what E.C. available
Read, Read, Read,
Create a four-year schedule of recommended courses
Select meaningful electives
- Show your interests
10th Grade Meet with School Counselor
1) Am I on track? 2) Electives challenging enough? 3) Possible AP Courses
Update extracurricular activities
Prepare for SAT Subject Tests
11th Grade Meet with School Counselor
1) Am I on track? 2) Discuss AP courses
Update extracurricular activities
Start to look at colleges
Prepare for SAT Subject Tests
12th Grade Update extracurricular activities
Know application deadlines
Practice College interviews
SAT: a second time?
AP Exam (May) - Will not count towards your application; but good to take
Summer: Prepare for college courses (I.E. Pre-college courses)