Mission Statement

Saint Paul Academy Daechi

In September 2018, St. Paul Academy opened in Daechi, located in Gangnam, Seoul, and drew strong interest from the Korean parents living nearby. It is one of the twelve overseas campuses of Nacel Education. Saint Paul Schools focus on high standard of American education and curriculum for high school students based on the original campus located in St. Paul, Minnesota. A supervisor from our American headquarters will visit the Daechi campus every semester to ensure academic quality control. They will guide Daechi teachers to consistently implement, deliver, and improve the St. Paul educational programs. This creates a unique opportunity for Korean students to experience and grow in a community of life-long learners with Saint Paul's approach toward developing global leaders.

Mission Statement

St. Paul Academy prepares students to achieve professional success in the global community and to become leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others. We believe that students must be culturally literate as well as competent problem solvers. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical and analytical thinking skills within a college preparatory academic framework, with a balanced focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well.

Educational Target

We work to develop future leaders by motivating students to be competitive in an international environment. Students are challenged by a strong U.S. program provided by the Saint Paul School System with the goal of preparing for competitive universities.

Goals of American Education

Our curriculum is constructed to provide every student with internationally focused goals and American education fundamentals by using AERO, Common Core ELA, Common Core Mathematics, and Next Standards. This is delivered through a framework for instruction driven by consistent formative and summative assessment with feedback; all conducted under a culture that supports the respect for learning. The building blocks of curriculum, instruction and assessment all connected by a safe culture of learning being continually monitored and documented is the foundation of our school improvement plan.

The following listed goals provide a continual cycle of improvement within Saint Paul Academy.

  1. 1. Curriculum & Instruction SPAD will provide a curriculum and instruction structure that is based on AERO, Common Core ELA, Common Core Mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards. It emphasizes the depth of knowledge scale across all academic areas by engaging students in rigorous and relevant content leading to inquiry, problem solving and higher order thinking.
  2. 2. Assessment & Data SPAD will consistently employ and array of assessment tools for the purpose of evaluating student progress, through formative and summative assessments, identifying student learning needs and providing data driven instruction.
  3. 3. Supervision & Evaluation SPAD will ensure that all instructional activities are monitored and supervised through a documented teacher evaluation system which occur twice a semester. Teachers are provided feedback during evaluation with goals aimed toward educational growth.
  4. 4. Culture of Learning SPAD will maintain and foster a safe learning environment to create a 'Culture of Learning' of respect by engaging and challenging students in every aspect of their educational experience in order to develop a community of lifelong learners.