Why us?

  • 1. Our Curriculum & Instruction

    SPAD provides a curriculum and instruction protocol that is Common Core, NGSS and AERO standards based, and emphasizes a “Depth of Knowledge” across all academic areas by engaging students in rigorous and relevant content leading to inquiry, problem solving and higher order thinking
  • 2. Assessment & Data

    SPAD consistently employs an array of assessment tools for the purpose of evaluating student progress, identifying student learning needs and providing data driven instruction.
  • 3. Supervision & Evaluation

    SPAD ensures that all instructional activities are monitored and supervised through a documented teacher evaluation system.
  • 4. Culture of Learning

    SPAD maintains and fosters a safe learning environment to create a ‘Culture of Learning’ of respect by engaging and challenging students in every aspect of their educational experience in order to develop a community of lifelong learners.
  • 5. Student Exchange Program Through a Worldwide School Network

    Students may take courses on all SPAS campuses and will receive credit for all completed coursework. Courses are offered at SPAS campuses in the U.S., France, Poland, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey.